Hey! Below is some mapping work that I have been working on recently for a new project based in Nantes, France. There are a few diagrams that I have been using to map general ground floor activity within certain key areas that I was interested in like streets, plazas etc. which will be applied to for a proposed site. Before I get to […]

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Unité. Nantes

I recently visited the ‘Unité’ in Nantes, France. You know that brutalist concrete jungle tower that just looks like one crazy big residential housing block. Well it’s only just designed by one of the most influential modernist architects to ever live. Le Corbusier. No biggie! Not only did this style of tower block kick start the modern movement, but […]

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His Essentials for Travelling

Throughout the year I will be blogging some of my travelling adventures in America, Canada and Belgium here! First on the list I am heading to France tomorrow for the week, so I thought I would start with an outline of ‘His Essentials’ and some tips on how to pack.  When it comes to travelling I try to keep the packing stage very simple, mainly because, […]

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Portfolio Preview

Hey! For this post I thought I would share a preview of the work I recently submitted for my 1st semesters Portfolio to give an insight on, well what I actually do! So this project was based in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland. I focused quite a lot on urban morphology and hidden pockets of  spaces within the town centre that […]

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