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As part of Belfast School of Art’s Festival of Art & Design 2016 Mark Orange (Artist from Belfast, based in New York) has a new audio installation on the demolishment of the Orpheus Building (that former Co-Op / ballroom /  Ulsters Fine Arts building that is currently being knocked down).

The artist conducted a series of recordings and interviews at the Orpheus from the likes of former ‘Co’ workers, shoppers,architects, historians etc. The recordings have been edited together into a layered audio documentary that foregrounds the building as conduit of time and memory and explores some of the contentious questions of heritage and regeneration surrounding its loss. The work will be broadcasted for the next four days as an antenna is mounted on the roof of the University building that broadcasts the audio installation.


It wouldn’t be art if it didn’t have some conceptual meaning behind it. As quoted;


The work addresses an absence, its radio waves reflecting off an empty site where the building once stood; nevertheless, it invites us to consider a path from the physical to the immaterial and back again, the interviews and recordings constituting a tool kit of sorts with which the building may speculatively be reconstituted in sound.


That being said


CLICK HERE! to listen online now




Tune into FM: 103.20 MHz from 10am – 5pm



I will also add his website in the link below if you want to check out some of his work






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